Skills, experience and expertise

Mr Liebelt has extensive international experience and a strong record of achievement as a senior executive including in strategy development and implementation. He brings to the Board his experience of a 23 year executive career with Orica Limited (including a period as Chief Executive Officer), a global mining services company with operations in more than 50 countries.

Current Directorships

Chairman: Amcor Limited (from 2013, Director from 2012).

Director: Australian Foundation Investment Company Limited (from 2012), Carey Baptist Grammar School (from 2012) and DuluxGroup Limited (from 2016).

Former Directorships include

Former Chairman: The Global Foundation (2014-2015, Director from 2006).

Former Deputy Chairman: Melbourne Business School (2012-2015, Director from 2008)

Former Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director: Orica Limited (2005–2012).

Former Director: Business Council of Australia (2010-2012).

Age: 63 years. Residence: Melbourne, Australia. Nationality: Australian.


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