Skills, experience and expertise

Mr Macfarlane is one of Australia’s most experienced international bankers and previously served as Executive Chairman of Deutsche Bank Australia and New Zealand and CEO of Deutsche Bank Australia. Prior to joining Deutsche Bank he was Chief Executive Officer of Bankers Trust New Zealand. Mr Macfarlane has also worked in the USA, Japan and PNG and brings to the Board a depth of banking experience in ANZ’s key markets in Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific.

Current Directorships

Director: St. Vincent’s Institute of Medical Research (from 2008), Craigs Investment Partners Limited (from 2013), Colmac Group Pty Ltd (from 2014), AGInvest Holdings Limited (MyFarm Limited) (from 2014, Chairman 2014-2016) and Aikenhead Centre for Medical Discovery Limited (from 2016).

Former Directorships include

Former Executive Chairman: Deutsche Bank AG, Australia and New Zealand (2007-2014) and Chief Country Officer, Australia (2011-2014).

Former Director: Deutsche Australia Limited (2007-2014) and Deutsche Securities Australia Limited (2011-2014).

Former Chief Executive Officer: Deutsche Australia Limited (2011-2014).

Former President: Deutsche Securities, Japan (1999-2006).

Former Chief Country Officer: Deutsche Bank AG (1999-2006).

Former Member: Business Council of Australia (2011-2014).

Age: 57 years. Residence: Melbourne, Australia. Nationality: New Zealand.


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