Mary MacLeod is a banker with over 20 years of experience in restructuring, building and managing businesses.  She joined ANZ in October 2014 as CFO of the Institutional Banking Division.

Mary joined ICBC, the world’s largest bank, in January 2011 as deputy Chief Executive Officer of ICBC International, ICBC’s investment banking arm. She was the first and only senior foreign employee of ICBC and one of only a handful of foreigners to work in a senior position in a Chinese SOE.  As Deputy CEO and COO, Mary was responsible for building the policies, processes and infrastructure required to operate an International Investment Bank.  She played a key role in developing and implementing the strategy of the Company, and was Chairman or a member of all major internal investment, risk and management committees.

An important part of this role was bringing about cultural change, and defining the culture in a manner that would enable the Investment Bank to thrive while sitting comfortably within a large Chinese commercial banking organisation.

Prior to ICBC, Mary spent over 20 years and Deutsche Bank in New Zealand, Australia and Asia in a variety of roles including Risk, structured Finance and M&A.  Her last role was COO of Deutsche Bank’s Banking Division for Asia Pacific.

Mary holds a bachelor of Commerce and Administration degree from Victoria University of Wellington, majoring in accountancy.

A New Zealander, Mary is married with two children, aged 9 and 7.