This is a report about how we create value — For shareholders, customers, employees and the community.

About This Report

We recognise that stakeholders want a more holistic understanding of how we are creating value — beyond the short or medium-term — and the opportunities and challenges impacting our future. That is why this year’s Annual Review marks the start of our progression towards integrated reporting. A strong financial performance each year, while critical to the success of the bank, is not of itself the whole story and does not fully reflect  who we are as an organisation and the role we play in society.

The aim of this Review is to communicate transparently and concisely about how we manage our business, including the way in which we incorporate social and environmental considerations into our decision-making. We have drawn on aspects of the International Integrated Reporting Framework to describe how our business model, strategy, governance and risk-management processes are addressing our most material issues and delivering value for our shareholders and other stakeholders. 

This Review covers all ANZ operations worldwide over which, unless otherwise stated, we have operational control for the financial year commencing on 1 October 2016 and ending 30 September 2017. Monetary amounts in this document are reported in Australian dollars, unless otherwise stated. 

We produce a suite of reports to meet the evolving needs and requirements of a wide range of stakeholders. Our 2017 Annual Report at principally details our financial information. Our 2017 Corporate Governance Statement discloses how we have complied with the ASX Corporate Governance Council’s ‘Corporate Governance Principles & Recommendations — 3rd edition’. We also provide our Principal Risks and Uncertainties. Both are available at

In addition, we publish a Corporate Sustainability Review, through which we inform stakeholders about our performance against our material social, environmental and economic opportunities and challenges. This report will be available at in December. 

Throughout this Annual Review, KPMG has considered common content1 which will be disclosed in the 2017 ANZ Corporate Sustainability Review. A copy of KPMG’s assurance statement over the 2017 ANZ Corporate Sustainability Review is contained in that report. 

We will continue to evolve and improve our reporting suite over the coming years and welcome feedback on this report. Please address any questions, comments or suggestions to

There are three other reports available for stakeholders:

  1. 2017 Annual Report Cover
    2017 Annual Report
  2. 2017 Corporate Governance Statement Cover
    2017 Corporate Governance Statement
  3. 2017 ANZ Corporate Sustainability Review Cover
    2017 ANZ Corporate Sustainability Review

Other financial disclosures are available on

  • 1. Common content includes the following sections: sustainability related 2017 Highlights, What Matters Most, Our Corporate Sustainability Framework, Improving Our Climate-Related Financial Disclosures and Non-Financial 5-year Summary
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