About ANZ

ANZ is one of the five largest companies in Australia by market capitalisation, one of four major banks in Australia (by total assets) and the largest bank in New Zealand (by total assets). As at 30 September 2018, ANZ had a market capitalisation of A$81.0 billion and total assets of A$942.6 billion.

We operate in 34 markets across Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Pacific, Europe, America and the Middle East.

Our ~40,000 staff serve retail, commercial and institutional customers through consumer and corporate offerings in our core markets, and regional trade and capital flows across the region.

ANZ is owned by over 500,000 shareholders with 43% of ANZ’s shareholdings (by value) held by retail shareholders and 57% by Institutional shareholders. 74% of ANZ’s shareholdings (by value) is held by domestic shareholders and 26% held by offshore investors.

ANZ's Purpose

Our purpose is to shape a world where people and communities thrive. That is why we strive to create a balanced, sustainable economy in which everyone can take part and build a better life.

From our earliest days in the 1830s, financing commerce and facilitating trade, our focus has always been on unlocking opportunity for individuals, families, businesses and communities. With fast-changing technologies, demographic shifts, climate change and globalisation bringing both opportunities and challenges, we now have an important role to play in enabling economic participation and encouraging sustainable growth.

At its heart, our business is transformation

We use our insights, products and services, and our banking network in Asia, to help individuals and businesses to grow. We convert savings into investment, build small businesses into large, take domestic enterprises international, and evolve old industries into new. We transform ideas, hard work and ambition into reality.

We believe banking is about more than just finance

Our business is about building relationships that create value. By connecting people and businesses, and playing a leading role in workplace participation and diversity, we create a strong, cohesive and vibrant community.

We combine the energy and commitment of our people with the power of technology and data to deliver innovative and convenient services that make the greatest difference for customers, and for the communities and countries in which we operate.

We care about who we bank and how we bank them

We recognise that to earn trust we need to continuously raise standards in everything we do. We must go beyond complying with laws and regulations to considering the evolving needs and expectations of our stakeholders in every decision we make, including the social and environmental impacts. We do this through the fair and balanced deliberation and actions that our customers, employees and society expect from us.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is to use our strong Australian and New Zealand foundations, distinctive geographic footprint, and market-leading service and insights to better meet the needs of customers and capture opportunities linked to regional trade and capital flows.

Our strategy has three elements

  1. creating the best bank in Australia and New Zealand for home owners and small business customers,
  2. building the best bank in the world for clients driven by regional trade and capital flows, and
  3. establishing common, digital-ready infrastructure to provide great customer experience, scale and control.

The strategy is underpinned by strong expense, capital and risk management disciplines and the quality of our people. 

ANZ's strategic priorities

Create a simpler, better balanced bank

  • Reduce operating costs and risks by removing product and management complexity, exiting low-return and non-core businesses and reducing our reliance on low-returning aspects of Institutional Banking in particular.

Focus our efforts on attractive areas where we can carve out a winning position

  • Make buying and owning a home or starting, running and growing a small business in Australia and New Zealand easy, and to be the best bank in the world for customers driven by the movement of goods and capital in our region.

Build a superior everyday experience for our people and customers to compete in the digital age

  • Build more convenient, engaging banking solutions that simplify the lives of customers and our people.

Drive a purpose and values led transformation of the Bank

  • Create a stronger sense of core purpose, ethics and fairness, investing in leaders who can help sense and navigate a rapidly changing environment.

Corporate Sustainability

Sustainability at ANZ is about ensuring our business is managed to take account of social, environmental and economic risks and opportunities. Further information is available on ANZ's dedicated Corporate Sustainability website available at http://www.anz.com/about-us/corporate-sustainability/.

Our businesses

Our markets of operation

1.  Australia

2.  American Samoa

3.  Cambodia

4.  China

5.  Cook Islands

6.  Fiji

7.  France

8.  German

9.  Guam

10. Hong Kong

11. India

12. Indonesia

13. Japan

14. Kiribati

15. Korea

16. Laos

17. Malaysia

18. Myanmar

19. New Caledonia

20. New Zealand

21. Papua New Guinea

22. Philippines

23. Samoa

24. Solomon Islands

25. Singapore

26. Taiwan

27. Thailand

28. Timor Leste

29. Tonga

30. United Arab Emirates

31. United Kingdom

32. United States of America

33. Vanuatu

34. Vietnam




Read about our history and the way we honour it in our Banking Museum and the ANZ Archives.