Mr Lee is an experienced business executive with considerable knowledge of and operating experience in Asia. He has a background in engineering and brings to the Board his international business and management experience across a wide range of sectors including telecommunications, food and beverages, property, publishing and printing, financial services, education, civil aviation and land transport. 

Relevant Other Directorships

Chairman: The Islamic Bank of Asia Limited (from 2012, Director from 2007).

Director: Cluny Lodge Pte Ltd (from 1979), Caldecott Inc. (from 2013) and Rolls-Royce Holdings plc (from 2014).

Special Adviser: General Atlantic (from 2013).

President: INSEAD South East Asia Council (from 2013).

Relevant Former Directorships held in last three years, include

Former Chairman: General Atlantic Singapore Fund Pte Ltd (2013-2018) and Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (2009-2018).

Former Director: Singapore Exchange Limited (2004-2016) and General Atlantic Singapore Fund FII Pte Ltd (2014-2018).

Former Consultant: Capital International Inc Advisory Board (2007-2016).

Former Member: Governing Board of Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy (2005-2017).

Age: 61 years. Residence: Singapore. Nationality: Singapore.


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