We want our customers to value us and the community to trust us. For this to happen we know that things need to change at ANZ.

This Annual Review tells the story of the changes we are making. Why we’re here, the benefits we bring, the challenges we face and what the future holds.

Cover story — Latrobe Valley Bus Lines

Rhonda Renwick and her dedicated team at Latrobe Valley Bus Lines are rolling out new buses that are at the leading edge of transport technology in Australia.

Since 2015 Latrobe Valley Bus Lines has been investing in low emission technologies which improve the efficiency and environmental impact of its buses.

The newest vehicles in the fleet have been designed to dramatically reduce particulate emissions in the atmosphere. Latrobe Valley Bus Lines has been trialling new hybrid technology and will introduce eight new hybrid vehicles into the fleet over the next three years.

As the company focuses on its mission of helping the community, and providing the highest quality and safest service for its customers and employees, it has benefitted from its long-term relationship with ANZ.

“ANZ’s proactive team has a genuine understanding of our business goals, providing flexibility along with competitive banking options,” Rhonda explains.

We are proud to be supporting a business like Latrobe Valley Bus Lines — a Certified B Corporation — which shares our commitment to helping communities thrive. It supports local manufacturing, is dedicated to fostering an inclusive and safe workplace and promotes a number of grassroots community organisations.

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